About Us

PAC 10 Tutoring is a fun and innovative tutoring business that utilizes SmartBoard technology as well as other engaging learning activities to aid, motivate and guide students to meeting and even exceeding their academic goals. Our first year of operation (2009-2010) has proven to be a tremendous success amongst the students.

All of the tutors at PAC 10 Tutoring are local graduates and students who are passionate about education. Our overall goal is to support and enrich the students' experience through the education system of SD52. Our services emphasize heavily in Math, English and Science classes. We also do our best to fit into your busy schedules and offer a range of tutoring options, including monthly group programs or flexible private sessions. We will do our best to provide tutoring services year round and are proud to have integrated our Summer Camps. It is an extremely fun, interactive camp that combines physical activities, nutritious food and educational learning. During the Summer months we also offer students tutorial support to those that are taking correspondence courses, or who would like to sharpen/advancing before school starts up again.

A major misconception about PAC 10 Tutoring, is that we only cater to students who are struggling or failing in their classes. When in fact, we are here to support any and all students including ones who have fallen behind to the ones that wish to be challenged with materials a year in advance and to all the others in between. Yes, no academic goal is too big or too small. We have many techniques and materials to guide your child to the next level, advance their skills and open their minds to countless possibilities.

PAC 10 Tutoring has been able to hire honour roll students to add additional support to our group programs as well as to our Summer Camps.

PAC 10 Tutoring has also been nominated for several distinguished business awards provided by the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce. Of these nominations, PAC 10 Tutoring was the recipient for the Rookie Business of the Year 2009 award, Small Business of the Year in Hospitality, Tourism and Service 2011 award and recipient for the Aboriginal Business of the Year 2009 and 2012 awards.

With every year comes a new milestone. PAC 10 Tutoring now offers bursaries to students who've taken sessions with us. Starting since 2011, PAC 10 Tutoring awarded $500 each to one student at Prince Rupert Secondary School and Charles Hays Secondary School. After the merging of the high schools, PAC 10 continues their motto to promote learning by awarding two recipients from Charles Hays Secondary.

Furthering their support for local communities, PAC 10 Tutoring donated $1000 to the Sports department at Charles Hays Secondary for new uniforms and to the Music department to help with the construction of the new Music Studio located at the high school.