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PAC 10 Tutoring
Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure that you have some. If you do, here's a list of frequently asked questions. If these questions do not answer yours, don't hesitate to give us a call, fire up an email or give us a visit.

Q: Do you only help kids that are falling behind or failing?

A: Our services are not limited to students who have fallen behind in their classes. We also cater to students who are looking to take their academic studies to the next level. We offer a range of support to meet the needs of any student and provide motivation and encouragement to all.

Q: Do you have programs that run through the summer months?

A: We offer a variety of tutoring options to students year round. During the summer we give students from grades 3 to 8 the opportunity to participate in our Summer Camp. The camp helps students review course material and prepare for their next school year through fun games and activities. During the summer months we also have tutors available for private tutoring to aid those tackling courses through correspondence, those who wish to review a previous course, or for those interested in preparing in advance for their upcoming courses.

Q: What if your monthly sessions conflict with our schedule?

A: We understand that many students are busy with work and extracurricular activities, so we do our best to accommodate to everyone's schedule. We have tutors available to set up regular private sessions at your convenience.

Q: How can you help my child and other children from other schools at the same time?

A: Our tutors are extremely versatile and are able to cover a range of material relevant to each student. We have reviewed the curriculum requirements that the SD52 has set and are able to implement related tutorials. Each of the elementary schools follow a similar course outline and move at a relatively similar pace. The grade 4 to 9 curriculums also have interrelated concepts, theories, applications and timelines. To ensure that all students still receive one on one attention, student helpers are present to provide additional aid. Theories and concepts become more intense in the grades 10 through 12 and it is in these grades, especially in math where different teachers will follow different procedures in approaching the course materials. We also formulated advanced classes to challenge students who are comfortable with their course materials and want to take their academic achievements to the next level. Grade 11 and 12 english tutoring is only available through private sessions to focus on individual assignments and to focus on strengthening their desired foundations.

Note: for monthly sessions, we will only be accepting 4 students per group per grade. Further demand will be waitlisted. If there is enough students on the waitlist, we will try to open another session.

Q: Do you have support available for local college students and for those taking correspondence?

A: Yes, we have tutors available to offer private tutoring and in some instances specialized group sessions. In this last year for example, we have extended our support to electrical students, students upgrading their high school courses, first and second year calculus students and others. These sessions are available upon requests and dependent on the availability of the tutors. Pricing will be based on content of the materials.

Q: How do we pay, and are we reimbursed if we miss a session?

A: Currently, we accept cash or cheque payments. Payments for the monthly sessions must be presented at registration or on their commencing date. There will be no reimbursements for missed sessions because our monthly plan's fees are based on an 8 sessions month and there will be many months where you will receive up to 9 and sometimes 10 sessions. Private tutoring payments may be made in advance or on the day of the scheduled session. Cancellation fees are applicable to those who cancel with less than 48 hours notice.

Q: Do you run tutoring sessions on holidays, and during the winter/spring breaks?

A: Other than Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day, we maintain our set schedule. Winter break and spring break are usually the best times for students to catch up on work or revisit theories/concepts that they are unsure of or want to master. We strongly believe these breaks are extremely beneficial for the students and their academic foundations.

Q: Will you offer specialized group sessions and/or workshops?

A: Yes, we do strongly encourage group sessions and require a minimum of four or five students to be able to accommodate to specialized requests. Their rates will vary based on the technicality of the course materials. We also host workshops that focus on preparing students for major tests including mid-terms, finals and provincial exams.

Q: Do you charge for cancellations?

A: Should you have to cancel your monthly enrollment, there will be no cancellation fee and your payment will be fully reimbursed unless 6 of the 8 sessions have already been attended. If it is near the beginning of the month however, you will be charged the drop in rate for any attended sessions before the cancellation. If it is near mid-month or later, we will charge the lesser of the two rates, the monthly plan or sessions attended. Drop-in cancellations require at least 48 hrs notice or you will be charged a 50% penalty fee.

Q: What classes do you provide tutoring for?

A: We have a heavy emphasis on math tutoring for students ranging from grades 2 to 12 and higher. For the same grade range, we also focus greatly on English- reading, writing and comprehension building. In addition, we also provide tutoring for social studies and science classes including physics, chemistry and biology. We will be more than happy to find a tutor to help you meet your goals and find comfort in your classes. Please contact us to find out more.

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